Miss Meatball is founded, owned and operated by classically-trained chef, Sara Ward. After graduating the esteemed French Culinary Institute in New York City, Sara trained with some of the best-known celebrity chefs in the business in top Michelin Star restaurants, including Lidia Bastianich, Shaun Hergatt, and the Enoteca Group.


Never one to stay still for long, Sara decided to return to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to be pursue her life-long goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Beginning in the Pittsburgh catering space primarily on a word-of-mouth basis, Miss Meatball has rapidly taken off, and as a result, Miss Meatball has changed the way Pittsburgh does food trucks. 


Farm-fresh ingredients, constantly-evolving menus, and globally-influenced flavors are thoughtfully combined with her great grandmother's recipes and family-honored techniques.  Above all, Sara keeps it simple - tasty, healthy, quality food that brings people together has been Miss Meatball's mission all along, and Pittsburgh is loving the opportunity to join her for this adventure.

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